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How to Overcome the Winter Blues

Now that the Christmas lights are out, the champagne is gone, and the last few leftovers have been consumed, it is obviously time to move past the holidays. That means that January is in full swing and February is fast approaching. I like the winter, but I have to admit that when there is no snow and the holidays are over the winter just seems mundane and dreary. So, here are some ways to make the bitter cold days a bit better.

1. Embrace the Cold

Winter is just one quarter of the year so why not embrace it? Instead of sitting in your drafty apartment or dorm for the weekend, partake in a winter activity like ice-skating. Grab some friends, some skates, and hit the ice. Chances are you’ll warm up from the activity, possibly fall down a few times, but undeniably have a great time laughing with friends. Right now, the Rothman Ice Rink is open in Dilworth park until February 26th and has a $3 admission discount on Tuesday nights for college students. Or, head to Penn’s Landing and go to the BlueCross RiverRink where admission is free if you are an Independence Blue Cross cardholder. For skate rental and specific admission information for either rink please visit:

Rothman Ice Rink: http://www.ccdparks.org/dilworth-park/rothmanicerink

BlueCross RiverRink: http://www.delawareriverwaterfront.com/places/blue-cross-riverrink-winterfest/prices

2. Make Yourself as Snug as a Bug in a Rug

This one may seem like a no-brainer but if you’re cold do something about it. Wrap yourself in a down-comforter, put on colorful fuzzy socks, or invest in a comfy-cozy onesie. And if you are still cold make a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or heat up a can of soup.

3. Imagine It Is Summer

If winter in Philadelphia is just not for you, this idea might help. Cuddle up with a hot beverage and watch a movie or two that takes place in the summer. Listen to the new Moana soundtrack when you are working on schoolwork and it will transport you to the sunny beaches of Hawaii. Or, host a luau party and try not to look out the window. 

4. Enter to Win a Tropical Getaway

In need of a sunny vacation but don’t have the funds to do it? Look up all different tropical vacation getaways and enter as many as you like. Who knows, maybe you’ll just win one of them (probably not but it is nice to dream). My roommate and I do this and although we do not expect to win, it’s nice to imagine if we did.

5. Buy a Plant

If you don’t have one already, go out and buy a plant that is easy to take care of indoors. Having just a bit of life in a space can do wonders for your mood. You might already have a succulent or two laying around which is great but try adding an ivy plant or a bushy spider plant for an extra pop of green.

Abbey is a student at Philadelphia University where she is studying graphic design. In her free time, she loves to be at the beach, travel to new places (especially in Philly), and play board games with friends.
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