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HC Recap: College Fashion Week


           This past Saturday morning a group of us from HC PhilaU got up bright and early to catch a bus to the Big Apple. While we were all looking forward to spending the day exploring the city, our real purpose for being there was College Fashion Week, which was in part sponsored by Her Campus media. With our fantastic HC discount, we couldn’t help but buy our tickets and get excited for the event!

            After waiting in line with an eclectic mix of college girls from all over the surrounding areas, we were finally let inside the stark white venue on 10th Avenue, ready to see what there was to offer while anticipating the start of the show. First off upon entering we were handed everyone’s favorite thing: a filled gift bag. With great gifts from all of the event sponsors the night was already off to a good start!

            Before the show started we were able to mingle with the rest of the crowd and check out what all of the sponsors brought to the party. As we all walked around with our very chic Boxed Waters, we were also able to talk to representatives from KIND, Maidenform, European Wax, ICE, Hanes, and Bertha. Each table gave out great free samples, along with information about competitions they were holding and coupons for discounted products; I know I’m already looking forward to my free eyebrow wax from European Wax! Of course, we can’t forget the Her Campus Candy Bar! With the cutest setup of every kind of candy you could want in giant martini and wine glasses, it was definitely a huge hit with everyone that attended!

            Once the entire crowd was hyped up on candy, the show finally started. It was fantastic to see other college girls just like us rock it on the runway. Every one of the models exuded confidence and their own natural beauty. The clothes presented in each of the four runway shows were things I would definitely want to wear. They were cute, versatile, and right on trend! I was wishing I could go backstage and snatch a couple outfits right out of the dressing room!

            I know all of us here at HC PhilaU had a great Saturday night at College Fashion Week! A special thanks to all of the sponsors, especially Her Campus, from all of us here in the City of Brotherly Love.

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