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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

Every year sororities and frats from different universities hold an annual event called Greek Week. The idea behind the event is to celebrate Greek life through different activities. The different sororities and frats from the same schools, battle each other through various games to win a Greek Week Trophy. To receive points in order to win, the sororities and frats are rated on by the activities they won, wearing their letters, penny wars, and the pride they represented during Greek Week.  On the week of April 11th, Philau’s very own Theta Phi Alpha, Delta Phi Epsilon, Alpha Chi Rho, and Sigma Nu hosted their annual Greek Week which was created and hosted by Ashley Tavs. Working with a superhero theme, the Greek life at PhilaU used their powers in an upbeat battle for victory.

                April 11th began the pride filled week. Around 8 o’clock the brothers and sisters of PhilaU began to show in order to partake in the first event, Greek Games. This event included dizzy bat, trashcan pong, tug of war and three legged race. Dizzy bat started the night. Dizzy bat consisted of four members from each sorority or frat to run in a circle with the bat pressed against their forehead, while looking down on the ground for ten seconds. Then, each member had to hit a ball. The first team to have each member hit the ball in a row won. The next event, trashcan pong consisted of two members from each sorority and frat to throw a ball into a trashcan filled with water from far away. Whoever could get the balls into the buckets of water first, won. The next two events consisted of tug of war and the three legged race. After the completion of the many adventurous tasks, DPhiE, AXP, and Sigma Nu took home first place.

                Tuesday April 12th consisted of only two events. The Dodgeball Tournament and the scavenger hunt. The dodgeball tournament consisted of the Greek life to battle one another. While only containing one rule, Greek Week truly put them to the test of who could actually dodge a ball. In the end, AXP won taking first place.  Later that evening, the Greek life met again in order to find mysterious objects located all around main campus. Searching for things such as unicorns and swords, Theta Phi and AXP took home the win.

                Wednesday April 13th began the lip-sync battle. Due to the fact of being a crucial decision, each sorority and frat spent weeks deciding the perfect song to lip sync to.  In the end, the night consisted of performances from Eminem, Hannah Montana, The Backstreet Boys, and Whitney Houston, Eventually, DPhiE and AXP tied for first.

                Thursday April 14th consisted of the kickball tournament and the reveal of the prank wars. On a nice a shiny morning, the precise college students lined up to partake in the physical activity of kickball. After several homeruns and cheering from the sidelines, AXP took the win. Prank Wars was activated later that night. The mission entitled, the sororities and frats to prank someone who has done a lot for Philadelphia University. DPhiE took home the win after pranking Mr. Brugnolo by redecorating his office.

                Friday April 15th was the final day of the vigorous week. Two members from Theta Phi, DPhiE, Sigma Nu, and AXP, participated in Greek God and Goddess.  After selecting respectable members to represent their sorority or frat, the crowning of the Greek God and Goddess began.  The Greek God and Goddess title came with specific qualifications. To win, you had to rock a toga, express a special talent you have inquired over the years, and then answer a short Q and A. After laughs, ooo’s and awws, Maria D’Agostino from DPhiE and Justin Grambor from AXP took the crowns as Greek God and Goddess.

                Saturday April 16th, concluded the annual Greek Week at Philadelphia University.  Twelve o’clock on Sunday consisted of a BBQ where the rivalry could be ended over something that could resolve anything, food.  During the BBQ many awards were given out to individuals from the different sororities and frats, eventually leading to the main question everyone wanted answered.  Through their pride and hard work, Delta Phi Epsilon won Greek Week!

                Greek Week for the week of April 11th, was exhilarating, hardworking, and filled with friendly competition. Overall, it was a complete success! Being a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, I cannot wait till next year to proudly maintain our title as Greek Week Champions!