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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

February is the time of year that people either dread or love. For those that are super in love- great. but for others, not so much. Significant other or not, many have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, you should show love and appreciation for those most valued to you every day. In other words, it can feel forced and over the top. Most importantly, if you don’t have a date or are unable to celebrate with them, show some love to your girls. Your closest friends are the ones always there for you, through the good and bad. Instead of stressing over your love life or lack of, celebrate Galentine’s Day. Let your gals know how much you love and care for them. Make the most out of the overrated holiday by having some fun with your closest friends. Gather up everyone’s favorite treats, order some food, and watch some cheesy Netflix movies. If you’re all feeling extra motivated, go out to eat or get manicures together. As long as you have your girls, it doesn’t matter what you do or how you celebrate the day. With or without a special someone, Valentine’s Day may seem unamusing but it doesn’t have to be. Despite your circumstances, celebrate and embrace the day! Party it up and let your squad know how much their friendship means to you! https://media.giphy.com/media/3ohs4izs1GWGgMXo88/giphy.gif

Isobel Moyer

Jefferson '22

I am a Physician Assistant Major at Jefferson University. Lover of music, fitness, planet earth, activism, and coffee!