Flashback Friday: Winter Break Day Trip to Washington D.C.

I haven’t visited Washington D.C. besides the one time when I was very young and went with my grandparents. Needless to say, I remember next to nothing of that trip. Recently, while with my friends, the idea arose to take a day trip to Washington D.C. From the start, we knew this wouldn’t be the simplest task to accomplish due to how far away we live from D.C. and the seemingly endless amount of historical landmarks to view in just one day. However, over this past Winter Break, we somehow accomplished seeing ALMOST every touristy landmark in D.C. that there is to see!


Our day started at 3:30 am with a blaring alarm clock. Then, meeting my friends at 4 am to get in a car together, drive up and catch a train into the city from a neighboring suburb of D.C. The weather was not our friend that day. Nothing but clouds, rain, and dropping temperatures were on the radar. However, I think because of the nasty weather, we were able to avoid the many crowds that would have otherwise been surrounding us.


We managed to visit or see the following monuments and museums.


Although we did miss a few destinations on our list, we hit all of the big ones. Mostly this success was due to purchasing an all-day metro pass to assist us in traveling quickly and staying dry throughout the day. The long 19-hour day got pretty difficult towards the end—especially with a seemingly never ending drive home—but I sure am glad it happened. I got to spend time with my sister and my best friends. Overall, it was definitely the best day of my Winter Break.