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Five Things You Should Know Before Going to Any Concert

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

Concerts are such a fun way to connect with friends and go to see some of the most famous artists in the world. I myself have been to twenty-five concerts and have enjoyed every one of them. From the music to the outfits to the pictures to the memories, concerts are always an amazing time. There are many things, though, that I wish I knew before going to concerts. To prevent what should be a great time from being awful, I am going to share five things to keep in mind before going to any concert. 

Take As Many Photos as You Can

When arriving at a concert, there is often so much going on. There are so many people, lots of merchandise being sold, food and drink being purchased, and lots of meetings with friends. But, concerts, and artists, don’t come around as often as we would like. And even though the memories of the concert may fade, the pictures that you take will last forever! If you are worried about your phone dying or running out of storage, pack a small portable charger and make sure to delete all unnecessary photos out of your phone prior to the event!

Dress Comfortably

Although we all want to look amazing when going to a concert, there is nothing worse than sweating, freezing, or fixing yourself all night when at a concert! Wearing comfortable shoes, regardless of whether the venue is inside or outside, is something that can make a concert much more enjoyable! It is more important to be comfortable and enjoy yourself than to be uncomfortable and not enjoy the concert that you have been looking forward to and spent lots of money on. 

Arrive Early 

One of the main things that I have learned from going to a concert is that the earlier you arrive, the better time you may have. If you arrive early and have general admission tickets, you are more likely to get very close to the stage. Even if you have assigned seats, you will not have to deal with the traffic to the venue, finding a parking spot, and the rush of people going in at the last minute. It never hurts to be early!

Make Sure to Know the Artist(s) That You’re Seeing

Even if you have the money and the venue is ten minutes down the road, never see an artist or band that you don’t know the music of! You will enjoy yourself a whole lot more if you know the music that is being played. Even if your favorite artist isn’t performing a show near you, there are always more tours and opportunities to attend a concert that is more of a fit for you!

Participate in the Fun

Whatever your version of participating in a concert is, do it! Whether you clap your hands, wave your arms, or sing along to the music, enjoy yourself. After all, you did spend hours getting ready and half your paycheck to go! Make the best of it!

Olivia Robb

Jefferson '26

Hi! My name is Olivia Robb and I am a first-year Pre-Medical Studies major here at TJU! I love many things from makeup to Marvel and I am so excited to be a part of this group!