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  1. Gilmore Girls

You can’t get from fall vibes from any show like you can from Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls tells a story of a single, young mom and her daughter in a small town in New England, growing up and going through changes in their lives. This show will always be my favorite!

Gilmore Girls

2. New Girl

In my opinion, New Girl is easily the most binge-worthy show. It is hilarious, light, and entertaining. New Girl tells a story of three men and one woman living in an apartment together in LA. Each character has different, but HUGE personalities.

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New Girl

3. One Tree Hill

Unfortunately, OTH was taken off of Netflix, but it can still be watched on Hulu! One Tree Hill was filmed in the early 2000’s and the vibes are immaculate. This show tells the story of several characters throughout their lives: starting in high school, all the way to late adulthood.

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One Tree Hill

4. Money Heist

Once you start Money Heist, it is extremely hard to stop! Each episode leaves you wanting to know more! This show tells a story of criminals joining forces to rob the Bank of Spain. The interesting part is that they aren’t allowed to share any personal information with each other, so they’re all assigned fake names.

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Money Heist

5. Stranger Things

Words cannot begin to describe how incredible the latest season of Stranger Things was. Additionally, this is the perfect sci-fi show for Spooky Season! Stranger Things is hard to describe in one sentence, but it basically tells the story of a group of friends who experience paranormal activity in their small town and go about it with a hands-on approach.

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Stranger Things

I hope you enjoyed this article! Thank you for reading. 

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