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First Fridays in Philadelphia

It’s that time of the semester when you feel like you’ve spent as much as you can on books, supplies, and dorm accessories. Well, don’t let that money crunch hold you back from exploring this incredible city that we are lucky to call home for the next eight months. If you are an art lover, here is great news – on the first Friday evening of every month, The Old City Arts Association holds an event called First Fridays. On these nights, numerous art galleries and design showrooms open themselves up to the public for free (yes, FREE!). It gives you the chance to enjoy a classy night perusing Philadelphia’s finest galleries as well as hitting up some of the most unique studios.

Want to see something new? The Old City Arts Association features special exhibits and events at local galleries during various First Fridays. On Friday October 7th, First Fridays is reaching out to college students by partnering up with Open Arts for a fun and lively night in the lobby of the Arden Theater.

To register for this event or to check out the complete special events listing please head to http://oldcitydistrict.org/events?page=2&tag=first%20friday

First Fridays start at 5pm and end at 9pm, so go see what Philadelphia’s art scene has to offer and enjoy an affordable night every first Friday of the month, rain or shine. Just remember, all you need to pay for is transportation. And hey, when you have finished your art walk, why not take some time to browse through Old City’s charming boutiques or stop and grab a bite to eat at one of the various nearby dining options?

Abbey is a student at Philadelphia University where she is studying graphic design. In her free time, she loves to be at the beach, travel to new places (especially in Philly), and play board games with friends.
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