"Fine Line" Best Lyrics

Since there’s no way I could rank this album, here are my favorite lyrics from each song:

  1. 1. "Golden"

    “I'm out of my head, and I know that you're scared

    Because hearts get broken”

  2. 2. "Watermelon Sugar"

    “Strawberries on a summer evenin'

    Baby, you're the end of June”

  3. 3. "Adore You"

    “Walk in your rainbow paradise (Paradise)

    Strawberry lipstick state of mind (State of mind)”

  4. 4. "Lights Up"

    “All the lights couldn't put out the dark

    Runnin' through my heart”

  5. 5. "Cherry"

    “I noticed that there's a piece of you in how I dress

    Take it as a compliment”

  6. 6. "Falling"

    “And I'm well aware I write too many songs about you”

  7. 7. "To Be So Lonely"

    Don't call me "baby" again, it's hard for me to go home

    Be so lonely”

  8. 8. "She"

    “She (She), she lives in daydreams with me (She)

    She's the first one that I see, and I don't know why

    I don't know who she is (She, she)”

  9. 9. "Sunflower, Vol. 6"

    “Your flowers just died, plant new seeds in the melody”

  10. 10. "Canyon Moon"

    “Carry the feeling, through Paris, all through Rome

    And I'm still thinking back to the time under the canyon moon”

  11. 11. "Treat People With Kindness"

    “Giving second chances

    I don't need all the answers

    Feeling good in my skin

    I just keep on dancin'”

  12. 12. "Fine Line"

    “Spreading you open

    Is the only way of knowing you”