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Hello there! With everything that’s going on, it’s likely you’ve been spending a lot of time indoors. Hopefully, you’ve been taking good care of yourself and getting done whatever tasks you need to finish. But if you’re like me, you’ve definitely had a good amount of downtime. With that being said, I’d like to share some of my favorite YouTube accounts!


1. Sarah Baska @sarahbaska

If you know who Sarah Baska is, congratulations. She is probably the funniest person on YouTube and very genuine. I’ve been watching her videos for years and personally vibe with her. She has dramatic story times and awesome videos. She makes me giggle. Love her.

2. Bella Fiori

Bella Fiori is an Australian Youtuber who does many vlog-type videos and makeup videos. What I love most about her channel is her Mystery Mondays. She goes in-depth about cold cases and murder cases and brings light to many cases from around the globe. She’s very smart and interesting to listen to if you are into that stuff!

3. Ellen Fisher

A Vegan Super Mom, she posts videos about her daily vegan life managing soon to be four kids with her hubby in Hawaii. She has a really smooth voice and is very gentle with her kids. She is inspiring to watch, and her vegan eats look soooo good!

4. Sailing La Vagabond

I just recently started watching this couple’s videos and let me just say it’s so impressive. Not only did they just recently sail Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic, but they have been sailing around the globe for many years together! I just think it is really cool to see that kind of lifestyle, and they are very brave people.

5. Li Ziqi

Li Ziqi is a vlogger from China. Some of her videos are translated but not all of them. Not that you need much translation, because they are filmed in a very detailed way where you can just watch what she’s doing and interpret. What makes her stand out from other vloggers is her video style, aesthetic, and work ethic. She makes very intricate videos of herself cooking, gathering materials from her land, gardening, and creating new things. She is literally amazing to watch, she’s like a princess!

6. Indy Blue

Indy Blue is a young new mother who has been creating YouTube Videos for years. Her videos are very aesthetically pleasing and motivating. She also is pretty big on Instagram and has her own brand and blog!


Definitely check out these accounts you will not be disappointed!

Jordan Greco

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Hello, my name is Jordan! I am a nursing student who loves the beach, music, and cheesesteaks!
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