Favorite Thanksgiving Foods




I think my favorite changes every year, but right now I have to say mashed potatoes. In a moment of stress recently I actually said “I just want to face-plant into a bowl of mashed potatoes.” They’re so beautiful.


Stuffing is definitely my favorite Thanksgiving food. It’s a filling side dish and you can’t help but get enough of it. While my favorite dish fluctuates every year, being able to share a delicious meal with family friends is one thing that will always remain constant.


My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes. I love the cheese flavored ones without the lumps.


For traditional Thanksgiving foods, I also love stuffing and mashed potatoes.  My family is from Maryland, so we also celebrate with lots of seafood which wins everytime for me.  My favorites are Oysters Rockefeller and steamed shrimp.


My favorite Thanksgiving food is pineapple stuffing. I’m not sure who in my family started making this, but it somehow got passed on to me. So, every year, for Thanksgiving and Christmas I make a big dish that really only my Pop and I eat. More leftovers for me!


My favorite thanksgiving food is definitely mashed potatoes. I love it when they’re super creamy and have a on of garlic in them!

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