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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

These are my favorites fashion trends that are most definitely coming back for Summer 2023! 

  1. Baby Tees 

At the height of Y2K core and relaxed, comfortable streetwear, these are a must have! These are insanely cute and comfy, it’s like a cute, graphic tee that can be found anywhere. Personally, I would recommend finding some at the thrift store!  

  1. Cargo skirt/ shorts 

I’ve seen so many different styles of these, especially for the skirts, and I can’t wait to buy more for myself! Cargo shorts and pants have been on the rise as of lately and they’re only going to get more stylish and avant-garde as we get more and more into fashion. Cargo skirts are just becoming another cool addition to the relaxed- streetwear look.  

  1. Knit coverups/ cardigans  

One thing about fashion lately is that we’re adding a lot of layers. Chunky knit coverups are perfect for layering in the summer without the concern of being too hot! Also when it gets cooler at night a cardigan will be the perfect layer that can add some style to your outfit instead of your regular jacket or zip up hoodie.  

  1. A Pop of color  

Colorful outfits are a must lately! So having that one statement color in your outfit will elevate it so much this summer. Maybe it’s a fun bag or a cute tee, regardless color is necessary for everyone to pop out and look amazing.  

Diamond Porter

Jefferson '25

I’m Diamond, a fashion design major at Thomas Jefferson University set to graduate in 2025. I sew, paint, draw, and design and I’m interested in owning my own business and clothing line or becoming a professional stylist!