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I think that many people wish they could be dedicated readers or understand why a portion of the population is in love with reading books in their free time. Reading is this easy but convoluted task because it is easy to say I want to read more but it is hard to actually implement this thought process into your daily life. People know that there is information, enjoyment, entertainment, relaxation, and more in books but are unsure of how to actually incorporate reading into their daily lives so it can benefit them. Hence, I have created a list to help cultivate good reading habits in individuals so that the magic of books can help more people. 

  1. Have Dedicated Reading Times – This is a very helpful tip because you can only read if you make the time to read. This is a very intentional choice which means you have to choose a book and actually sit down and read at least for 15 minutes. This will allow you to read every day and create a routine for reading. Your dedicated reading time can be when you wake up in the morning, in the afternoon after work or school, or at nighttime before you go to sleep. Essentially, whenever you are likely to go on your phone and social media you can read during that time instead. This will allow you to relax and form a reading routine that makes reading more enjoyable and actually happens.
  2. Create A Reading Space – You have to have a comfortable space to read that will allow you to focus and read. This reading space can be your bed, a nook in your living room, or anywhere that is quiet and without distractions. This will also make reading more enjoyable because your space is relaxing you so you can actually relish your book. You can even make your reading space more cozy by creating a vibe through candles, blankets, pillows, and more that makes the atmosphere perfect for reading.
  3. Read What You Like – This is the most important strategy because you will only read if you are interested in what you are reading. I think it is good to try different genres and authors, and really explore the variety of books present in the world. A great strategy to implement is to read the first 25 or 50 pages of a book (based on the length of the novel) and if you like to continue reading if you do not like it, write it down on a list of unpreferred books and move on. This way you gave the book a try and you have it on your list so you can always try again at a different point in time. There is no need to read the books that everyone else likes. It is more important to give time to the books that inspire you and create interest for you. Everybody has different reading preferences and you should read what you like whether that is autobiographies, science fiction, thrillers, fantasy, romance, or any other genre. So read what you like so reading is more enjoyable and you are more likely to do it because reading should not be boring or feel like a chore. 
  4. Having A Reading Journal – A good way to motivate yourself to read more is by logging the books you read in a notebook or journal. This will allow you to track the books you are reading currently, write down books you wish to read, and write books that you did not really like down so if you want you can read them later to reevaluate them. This reading journal is a great way to write down any comments or feelings about your book and that way you have them to revisit later on which will help you remember the books you enjoy or do not enjoy. A reading journal is also a great way to write down your goals and achieve them because once you write something down it is more permanent. 
  5. Always Have A Book On Hand – This is my favorite tip because I think that having a book on hand encourages you to read more. During the day you have a little break all the time and reading is a great way to utilize that time. Having a book always around you means that you can read a book instead of scrolling on social media or whenever you have free time you can read a book instead. If you want to increase your daily reading time this is a great way to do so.

I hope that the reading habits mentioned above are actually helpful for you in your reading journey. Reading is not supposed to be stressful or difficult so if it feels like that you need to change your method and approach towards reading. I think that books will always be available for you to read so there is no rush to become a literary fan. Do what is easy and comfortable to slowly but strongly build your love for literature. By implementing these reading habits I hope that reading becomes easier for you and allows you to become wiser and happier. Every individual is different so you do not need to compare your reading journey to other people’s journey, just do what delights you the most. Reading is meant to be enjoyable so use the tips that work for you and ignore the ones that do not. 

Vrunda Raj

Jefferson '27

A writer who hopes to inspire and inform people with her words and thoughts. I enjoy writing about food, current world events, research topics and a multitude of other subjects.