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Classes are ending, and summer breaks are going to be in full swing soon. This break, no matter how long, will be all about peace, happiness, and rest. It’s time for us to revive and spoil ourselves to a good time. Whether you’re traveling with family, a group of friends, or on your own, here are some cool ideas for places to go and things to do over break!  

The Beach 

The beach is always an amazing place to go for the summer. The water, tanning, the relaxing vibe of the outdoors, it can be so amazing for anyone. Even for those who don’t like the water or the sand, going to a beach with a boardwalk is my go-to. A cute little arcade nearby, a diner that takes you back in time, there’s so much to explore and love for a weekend getaway to the beach!  

Cabin Trip/ Camping 

Everyone always says to go camping but I promise you it would be such a good experience. If you’re not into being out in the wilderness and no service, then I totally recommend you get a cabin! Cabins are cute and private, letting you get that intimate vibe and enjoy some peace and quiet! 

Strip Mall/ Shopping Center 

Malls are so underrated and can be so much fun. With a wide variety of things to do, these are perfect for a night out or a solo date! You can shop, enjoy some food, or do cool activities in the area. It’s so important to keep these areas alive and thriving!  

Open Field 

This one has to be my favorite because you can do so much. You can plan a picnic, with others or simply alone, and have a nice peaceful day. Or you could watch the sky, stars, and the wildlife around you. With so much open space the possibilities of things to do are endless. An open field, most likely near or on a campground, is the perfect place to hang out and truly appreciate life. I find I get the most rest in these areas from sunbathing, reading, and watching the sunset- the best part.  

All of these things can have us living our best, most stereotypical Wattpad lives. I hope everyone enjoys their time off and lives to the fullest! We owe it to ourselves for our hard work this year, even this semester alone.  

Diamond Porter

Jefferson '25

I’m Diamond, a fashion design major at Thomas Jefferson University set to graduate in 2025. I sew, paint, draw, and design and I’m interested in owning my own business and clothing line or becoming a professional stylist!