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                Whether it be conspiracies regarding MK Ultra, the moon landing, or even the presidential election, the Mandela effect conspiracy theory has taken the world by storm. Noticeable in popular films, music throughout the generations, and even the names and slogans of popular brands, changes have been occurring all over the world. Commonly referred to as a “false” memory, manipulation of past experiences, implications and adjustments of eyewitness reports through others experiences have contributed to psychological studies and even paranoias of citizens.


                The Mandela Effect began in 2016-2017 with the infamous “Berenstain Bears” debate, for there was a clear divide in which some remembered the loving family of bears by the name of “Berenstein” as opposed to “Berenstain.” The debacle became so heated both online and even in news broadcasts that the creators had to make a public statement in regards to the brand, confirming that it was in fact always spelt “Berenstain.”

                  Another mind-boggling conspiracy theory discusses the Apollo Moon Landing, and how some deem it fake. The year of the Apollo 17 moon mission was deemed a hoax due to what appeared to be a stagehead helmet and ‘fake’ looking rocks. Many believe the moon landing was faked to demonstrate to other countries that America was catching up in the infamous space race.

                  One of the most widely discussed conspiracy theories to date is Project MKUltra, a mind-control program sponsored by the CIA. This program is theorized to perform illegal experiments on humans and use them to develop new drugs and try new procedures to have their subjects conform to mind control.






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