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Cherry Blossom Festival

On April 15th I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fairmount Park. It was freezing! It was raining lightly the whole time and it was so windy. Even though the weather wasn’t great, I still had fun.

Even with the horrible weather cherry blossoms were everywhere!

We got to see traditional Japanese dances.

There were so many people dressed up! This dragon costume was amazing!

It’s Poison Ivy and Steampunk Harley Quinn!

I got to try some Japanese veggie curry and it was delicious!

If you can go to the Cherry Blossom Festival, I would highly recommend it! Japanese culture has always interested me and going to the festival allowed me to be a part of it for a bit. Hopefully next year the weather will be warmer and brighter but if not, I’ll still go!


I'm a student studying Physician Assistant studies at Philadelphia University. I am from Illinois. I love to play card games with friends, read, and watch TV and movies.
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