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Cheap Halloween Decorations


All three of these are from a local high school’s flea market. Flea markets, craft fairs and yard sales are a great place to get Halloween decorations for cheap. They aren’t hard to find, especially during the fall season!

PC: Carly 


Target is our room’s favorite place to go for everything, especially cheap decorations for the holidays. Halloween is one our favorite holidays to decorate for. We love to shop in the dollar section, and this year we picked up cobweb, caution tape, and some foam pumpkins to place around the apartment!

PC: Jacqueline 


The dollar section at Target is also my apartment’s favorite place to shop for Halloween decorations. With everything from cute play-on-word signs, to spooky table decorations, to adorable window clings, how could you go wrong? We decked out our door in cobwebs and a festive sign to get in the Halloween spirit. 

PC: Cora


I love to shop the dollar store when it comes time for Halloween. I can usually deck my apartment out for less than $20. Some stuff is only good for one time use, but other things can easily be saved and used again next year. 


Halloween is arguably very easy to decorate for when you know where to shop! The dollar store and Target are ideal hotspots to check every year upon the approach of the Fall season. For the Halloween holiday season, we decorated our door to indulge in the festivities. Cobwebs, plastic spider rings, and some fake leaves to spread our message across to the residence hall floor were a key to success when decorating this year. 

PC: Emily

Photo Cover: Unsplash 


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