Campus Cutie: Owen Sacco


Name: Owen Sacco


Year: Junior


Hometown: Glenside, PA


Major/Minor: Architecture with a minor in Photography (follow me on Insta


Clubs/Organizations: Amongst the hectic life of an architect student, I am CoPresident of the Jeffersings, our acapella group on campus and Vice President of the Jefferson Singers, our choir. 


Celeb crush: Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior


Favorite place to hang out on campus: My DOPE apartment amongst my plants and hanging with my homies. 

Favorite place to hang out off campus: The Salvation Army on Pechin Street!


Relationship Status: Plant Daddy 


Favorite Music Genre: My favorite music genre would have to be indie pop. I also vibe with theatre music and love to take trips to New York with my friends to see Broadway shows. 


Life Goal: Visit all the national parks and as many countries as I possibly can.