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Book Review for The Dark Heart Series by Jagger Cole

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A book series that I would like to recommend is The Dark Heart series by Jagger Cole. It is a spicy dark romance series with 6 standalone books in an interconnected world. This interconnected mafia world draws you in so much that I couldn’t stop until I read every book in the series. I finished the entire series in three days because I just couldn’t wait to learn more about each character and see their love stories play out. It doesn’t matter which book you read first, but I prefer to read the romances chronologically so you can be a part of the world and experience each relationship as it occurs. 

The first book is Deviant Hearts about Ares and Neve as they are arranged to marry each other to end a mafia war. Ares is the king of the Drakos Mafia family while Neve is the princess of the Irish mafia. The individuals are from opposing mafias in an escalating war. This book is a great introduction to the mafia world they live in and perfect if you love the tropes of arranged marriage, enemies to lovers, and an all-or-nothing love story. I gave it a 5 out of 5 because the plot was amazing! The things that this man can do for the love of his life just amazed me that I couldn’t help but love him so much.

The second book is Vicious Hearts following the romance between Cillian and Una as they are unexpectedly brought into each other’s lives. Cillian is the Irish Mafia boss and Una is the woman sent to kill him, but the results of her actions are unexpected. This book is a beautiful extension of the previous book in the series and the plot can have your head spinning as you try to understand the crazy but beautiful love between these two. If you love the idea of two broken people finding each other and just belonging with one another, then this is the perfect read. For me, this book was a 5 out of 5 because the love between Una and Cillian is so raw and imperfect that it feels real. 

The third book is Sinful Hearts depicting the love story of Hades and Elsa. Hades is part of the Drakos crime family, while Elsa is a lawyer who works for that crime family. The two hate each other. However, the sparks have been flying between the two since the first book, but they avoid it until a one-night stand pushes their relationship to the next level. The book is about a good girl who meets a bad boy and tries to not love him but can’t help herself. Meanwhile the entire time, the bad boy is head over heels for her. This book is a 4 out of 5 because while it was a cute love story, there was still something missing for me to give it 5 stars.

The fourth book Twisted Hearts is about the relationship between Gavan Tsarenko and Elish. Gavan is the leader of the Russian Bratva and is currently feuding with the Irish mafia family Elish is a part of. An unexpected prank pushes Elish into Gavan’s life, and he decides to make use of the opportunity and gain access to his long-term obsession. This book is unexpectedly good because you expect it to be a normal enemies-to-lovers story until Gavan’s side of the story is exposed and you learn more about his obsession with Elish. This book gets a 5 out of 5 just because I love how convoluted their love story actually is.

The fifth book Stolen Hearts focuses on the evolving relationship between Castle and Callie. Castle is the perceived second in command for the Irish mafia and Callis is the princess of the Drakos mafia family. Callie is arranged in marriage to another mafia family, while Castle is bound by duty and personal reservations from ever having a relationship with Callie. This book has a slow-burn aspect to it but also the trope of a best friend’s older brother and age-gap romance. I give this book a 4 out of 5 because I didn’t really enjoy Castle not accepting or acting on his feelings for Callie, but otherwise, I loved the book’s plot.

The sixth book is Reckless Hearts which is about Deimos and Dahlia’s love story. Demios is a part of the Drakos Mafia family heading their European endeavors and Dahlia is Elish’s friend. Demios and Dahlia have an old history that resurfaces when they see each other at Callie’s, Demios’ sister, birthday party. The book does have flashbacks into the past as their story continues in the present to give you an understanding of their history together. I enjoyed the tropes of good girl/bad boy and enemies-to-lovers that were presented in the book. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 because I don’t really enjoy flashbacks into the past while the present story is continuing, but learning about Demios’s obsessions with Dahlia made it worth it, at least for the most part.

I really loved this series so I hope you will give it a read. It is worth it especially if you love the following tropes: arranged marriages, enemies to lovers, good girl/bad boy, age gaps, second chance romances, best friend’s older brother, mafia romances, dark romances, possessive heroes, and feisty heroines. 

P.S. This is a spicy, dark mafia romance series with trigger warnings so please make sure you’re okay with reading such books before reading this series.

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