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During the summer it can feel like we have an ample amount of time, but there is nothing for you to do. I know I always feel like I’m so bored during the summer, so here are some activities that you can do this summer that your book-loving heart will thoroughly enjoy!

  1. Create Your Own Book
    You can create your own book of your summer memories, like a summer scrapbook. This can include any mementos of your summer like letters, postcards, pictures, ticket stubs, notes, and any embellishments you want.
  2. Try Out Recipes in a Cookbook
    You can get a cookbook from the library or buy one online and create recipes from the cookbook to expand your palate. You can even host a cookbook night where everyone gets a cookbook and recreates one of the recipes for a fun night with friends and family!
  3. Read a Travel Book
    If you’re traveling in the country or abroad you can get a travel book about the place you’re visiting, giving you a chance to learn more about the culture and people you will be surrounded by on your trip. This is a great way to have more fun and understand the places you’re visiting.
  4. Book Picnic
    Pick a beautiful day to read and eat in nature — the perfect activity to do alone or with people. Summer is a beautiful time to spend in nature so take a blanket, lunch, your current book, and some friends to read, talk, and eat outside.
  5. Book Crafts
    You can repurpose old books by creating wall art, and paper flowers, and using them as embellishments for cards and gifts. You can also make book inserts by either repurposing supplies to create your own book nook or getting a kit online. These crafts can then be displayed on your bookshelf and throughout your house and are a great way to pick up a new skill.
  6. Book Cafes/Stores
    Explore your town this summer by finding new book cafes and bookstores that you never visited or even knew about before. This is a great way to broaden your horizons and see what is nearby. Maybe this will help you find your new favorite spot!

All of these activities are suggestions that can help make your summer a little less boring and a lot more exciting. I hope you will give these recommendations a try and they will give you a chance to create beautiful summer memories. Enjoy your summer!

Vrunda Raj

Jefferson '27

A writer who hopes to inspire and inform people with her words and thoughts. I enjoy writing about food, current world events, research topics and a multitude of other subjects.