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Better Ways to Spend Reading Days

If you’re a student at Philadelphia University reading days is a constant internal struggle to study or watch Netflix. Reading days are set up for design students to work on their final projects and of course have their critiques. For us non-design students we usually find ourselves staring at our computer screens waiting for the time to pass.  Although there are only three reading days, lucky ducks like me don’t have finals until the following week so we are left with a whole week with nothing to do after classes end. And although if we were dedicated students we would start studying early, no one in their right mind studies a week in advance because let’s face, it you would never retain that information.  I dare say perhaps there are better things to do than watch Netflix!

1.       Pack

Now this typically only applies to the spring semester, but it could also be helpful for the fall semester. If you’re like my roommates and me you have a lot of stuff, like a lot! So on the three or seven days you have off you might as well get a jump start on packing up for the year. Plus if you get it out of the way now when it is time to sit down and study you won’t be trying to study and pack at the same time. So pack early, and you’re most definitely sure to pass those exams!

2.       Fist Friday

Again this applies to the spring semester because it falls around the beginning of May, however during the fall semester there is a lot going on in the city in December. First Friday is a great way to take a study/packing break and go blow off steam with your friends. It might be the last real thing you get to do together before parting for the summer!

3.       Brunch

Take your friends one morning and go get brunch. It sure beats eating the school food and what better way to spend some of your last days with your friends before the break than over food. There are bunches of brunch places in Manyuank and in the City that are sure to keep you occupied for a couple hours and then you can go window shopping after!

These were just some of the many things you could go do instead of watching Netflix for twelve straight hours. No matter what you do, whether it’s from this list or something else you come up with, take advantage of this time off! It might be one of the only times in your life where you have no real obligation like work, family, or even school!


I am a senior Textile Materials Technoloy major from good ol' Pollock Pines, CA. I love water skiing, dancing, and mom blogs!!!!!!! 
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