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I’ve been on campus for a solid 8 weeks, and I’ve certainly done my fair share of exploring.

I’ve certainly found some of my key study spots and I decided I would rank them in this week’s article from 1 (best) – 6 (worst).

  1. Gutman’s Study Rooms
    • Probably my most frequented study space
    • Pros: personal space, can attend Zoom classes and say, “Here!”, whiteboard with markers, can open/close blinds, outlets
    • Cons: very cold
    • Ideally: I would love some ambient lighting with some soft/refreshing smells
  2. Hayward / Ronson HASC
    • My least frequented study space, but I think it has potential
    • Pros: big windows, comfy & plentiful seats, great vibes
    • Cons: too many people walking by, outlet availability varies
  3. DEC 1st floor
    • Great place if you want to study with friends, not so much by yourself
    • Pros: comfy seats, outlets, good views
    • Cons: sometimes noisy, hard to find seats
  4. Gutman (1st floor in general)
    • The back space with the whiteboards is a great place to study with friends for exams
    • Petition to have more dry-erase markers of greater color variety
    • I’ve never studied in Gutman’s 2nd floor, but I love the ambiance up there, though I am afraid the rustling of my papers might be a bit too much for the ~quiet space~
  5. DEC 2nd floor & Tuttleman: Tied
    • These two are tied for me because they are good solo-studying areas but usually there are other people there, and it’s kind of out in the open
    • Also, I tried studying at Tuttleman and let’s just there’s only one seat next to an outlet, but this seat also happens next to be a water dispenser and a vending machine                                                                            
    • The vending machine took a dollar from me, :<, without giving me my Doritos
  6. Kanbar
    • Honestly the outdoor tables at Kanbar are a vibe, but otherwise, I could never focus indoors
    • Everyone’s at Kanbar, and that’s exactly why I have not yet even tried to study there
    • If I ever tried studying at Kanbar, maybe during less crowded times, I can totally see this spot moving up to 2 or 3
Meeval Biju

Jefferson '24

Hello hello, I'm a sophomore here at Jefferson University. I love music, science, and sleep!
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