This is the best podcast ever, I promise

I was never really into podcasts, but about a little over a year ago I was craving something new in my life and liked the idea of hearing other peoples’ stories and experiences. I found “Girls Gotta Eat” on Spotify and never looked back.

            GGE is hosted by Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine; they are two 30something women living it up in NYC, giving listeners all the deets on sex, relationships, love, and happiness in a hilarious and open-minded way. I fell in love with the way they talk so openly about themselves, their mistakes, and their success throughout life. They are brutally honest with each other and are constantly asking questions that make you think about how you can treat yourself better. They value their listeners and are constantly asking for feedback, stories, and advice from their fans in order to better their podcast and make their content more relatable and fun. I have found myself laughing uncontrollably and ugly crying to their episodes because sometimes they just hit so deep.

            My favorite part about this podcast though, is that they make it accessible and relatable to everyone they can. Both Rayna and Ashley are cis, straight, white women, but the guests they have on their show range from every walk of life. It is incredibly important to have representation of different sexual orientations, genders, races, and religions, and GGE does an amazing job of having all that on their show. Their episodes range from serious topics about abortion, assault, voting, and choosing to be childfree to more lighthearted topics like blowjob tricks, funny sex stories, and taking nudes. No matter what the episode is about or who is a featured guest on the show that week, I have walked away learning something new from each episode. I have learned so much about myself and about other people from their show and I truly look forward to Mondays because of them.

You can listen to their show, see all their updates, and shop their awesome merch at this link!