The Best Part of Coming Home Over Break as Told by Always Sunny

There’s nothing better than a much-needed break from school. Even better, this break takes place over turkey day, so not only do you get to go home for a bit and get a breather from school, but you also get to eat some delicious food and see your fam. Here’s my favorite parts about being home for Fall Break, as told by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

1. Seeing your dogs (or other pets) for the first time in forever:

2. Getting to lay in your own bed:

3. Not having to wake up for class the next day:

4. Walking downstairs and smelling Thanksgiving Dinner being made:

5. Seeing all your fam for the first time in a while:

6. Watching football with your fam:

7. Taking a loooooog shower *WITHOUT SHOES!!!*:

8. Hanging with your friends from home:

9. Realizing you aren't quite done with the semester yet and have to go back:

10. BUT realizing that you get to go back and see all your friends from school:

11. Leaving home after saying goodbye to your pets and your fam:

12. Getting back to school and seeing your roomie:

13. Realizing you get to go home for longer in just a few weeks: