Best animated characters to base your costume off of

Group costumes are such a fun way to get a friend group together and take some quality pictures and totally be the stars of any party. There are tons of great movies out there to base your costume off of, and even more animated characters! Groups can range to a whole bunch of different sizes and it can be so fun to fill every character but sometimes it’s just fun to have one or two. Here’s a fun list to pick costumes out of or try and get a whole group together to do!

The Flintstones

This cavepeople family is a classic group that is easy to pick individual characters out of but also small enough that you don’t need a ton of people to participate. The costumes are pretty simple while also super recognizable.

The powerpuff girls

A classic move for you and your two best gal pals, sugar and spice and everything nice!

Ninja Turtles

Another classic and simple costume for you and a small group of friends. You could do this by simply getting masks and arm bands of the same color or go all out with a turtle suit!

Looney Tunes

This iconic group of toons is a fun way to go vintage with your costumes. Try some character t-shirts with a good set of ears, don’t forget a bowtie for Porky Pig!

Mickey Mouse clubhouse

Mickey and Minnie is a great couple costume, but it’s easy to add in the rest of the gang for more fun.

Archie Comic

Archie has gained a lot of attention these days due to Netflix’s hit show Riverdale, but make sure to check out the old school comic for some great costume ideas.


This is a fun bunch that a lot of people forget about because this show went off air ages ago. Fortunately, the kids are still super recognizable and make a great group costume.

Scooby Doo

And finally, the most iconic group costume of all. The Scooby-Doo gang never goes out of style!

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