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Baseball or Soccer…or Basketball?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

Whether or not she’s actually into sports is a question I may never know the answer to. However, she attends every sporting event and always knows the players on the teams. She could tell me each of their social media handles quicker than I could tell her where Kanbar is located.

I bet as you’re reading this you could name someone who fits this description.

Being on a campus filled with older athletes can be overwhelming, especially for those single freshman girls who have never seen anyone but the same washed up boys they spent all of high school with. For the rest of us, our hardest decision on a Friday morning is figuring out what to eat, if class is really worth it or not, if we should bring the hoodie to class in Downs or leave it…but for the others those thoughts are, “Should I DM him back?, Do I text him even though his friend just snapped me? The goalie…or that kid on the basketball team? This hottie or that hottie?” It must be hard, right?

We laugh because we know. We have all been there and have all heard, “babygirl he’s no good, he doesn’t care…focus on you!” But, in the wise words of Meg Thee Stallion, it’s a Hot Girl Semester, so shoot that shot girly!

If you’re reading this and feel as though I’m talking about you, be safe, have fun, and please make sure he doesn’t ride the bench. At the end of the day, I wish those girls the best. I hope that none of them get left on read, left on open, or their DMs left on seen.

Destiny is a Freshman at Jefferson and the Event Director of the Jefferson chapter of Her Campus. She is a Pre-Physician's Assistant student and also a member of the cheerleading team at TJU. In high school she was founder and treasurer of her high school's NAMI club and took part in many suicide and mental health awareness events and walks. She hopes to bring her activism to campus and voice it in her writing. In her spare time you can find her serving tables or babysitting, reading a good book, or traveling whenever she gets the chance!