Barbara Suening

Fashion lover and science extraordinaire Barbara Suening is a sophomore at PhilaU, and she is also one of my fabulous roommates. You can find her jamming to her music, studying to get a 4.0 GPA yet again, or committing her time to the honors society and New York Fashion Week! Barbara is one of the most lovable, hard working girls I know, so why don't I let you guys get to know her a little better?


Barbara Reyes Sirot Suening


20 (almost legal!!)


Biology / Pre-Medical Studies


Jersey City, NJ

Clubs Involved In

Honors Student Association, Alpha Chi Sigma, Style Line

Favorite Song

...This part was difficult, so I chose 3.

Mr Brightside - The Killers (Live Royal Albert Hall 2009 Version)

Hold Yuh - Gyptian

Trojans - Atlas Genius

Favorite Movie

... Also chose 3

Insidious (all series) /Gone Girl / Titanic

Favorite Food

Sushi! But if you consider chocolate to be food, then chocolate alllll the way.

Favorite Place You've Ever Been

I haven't been to many places (as of yet), so I'd say South Beach in Miami, Fl. Everywhere in the area is an extension of the beach and overall it's just gorgeous. Also, the place I stayed at had a beautiful rooftop that overlooked the city so it was a great experience.

Favorite Place in Manayunk

Volo Coffeehouse, The Attic, and on a good day, The Schuylkill River Trail

Favorite Place in City

It's always exciting walking into Buffalo Exchange and other consignment shops. If I'm looking for a place to sit down and relax or knock some work out of the way, my go-to would be Elixr Coffee Roasters.

Favorite Outfit

I don't think I have just one favorite outfit, but I'll share one of them. For NYFW Fall 2015, I wore this printed over-sized long sleeve high neck shirt as a dress. The print was really bold and vibrant, made up of red, blue, yellow, and white. I paired it with black stilettos and absolutely LOVED the overall ensemble. It was really simple to put together and the print was strong enough to stand for itself. It's not something I wear frequently, but it's a top favorite. Also, it easily made the "favorites" list because the dress/shirt was a lucky score from the salvation army. I once had a lady offer me 100 dollars in cash upfront so she could buy it off of me but I declined the offer. Although, it was nice knowing someone would pay just that much for something I only paid $2.99 for.


Top 3 Items On Bucket List 

1. Go Hiking 2. Visit Europe 3. Be fit enough for Tough Mudder and then attempt Tough Mudder

If you could give any piece of advice to yourself when you were younger, what would it be?

"This too shall pass."