Alexandra Harrington

As a junior in high school, I knew the decision to choose a college was in the near future. I looked far and wide on the north east, but found it difficult to find a school that offered the fashion program I was looking for. After a long search, I finally found Jefferson (formally Philadelphia University)! Now, 4 years later, I am beyond happy with the decision I made. With a growing Fashion Merchandising program at Jefferson, I have met amazing women (and a few men) that share the same “passion for fashion”. One in particular is Junior Alexandra Harrington. Growing up in a small county in Southern Maryland, her options were spread thin as well. When it came to choosing Jefferson, the FMM program attracted her as well. I asked Ally why she chose Jefferson, and she said “I always had a passion for fashion & enjoyed my high school business courses, so FMM seemed like the perfect combination of both. I especially attribute my involvement in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), a high school business competition club, with helping my find the major itself.”

               Along with keeping up a 3.9 GPA, Ally is involved in several extra-curricular activities that boost her credibility in the fashion business world. “I am currently a shadowing vice president in FAME (Fashion Apparel & Merchandising Experience)” she told me, “which helps create opportunities for fashion students like myself to experience industry jobs. Additionally, I am VP-Scholarships & Awards in Delta Sigma Po Professional Business Fraternity. This close-knit fraternity helps business students get an edge in the business world.” Once I asked her why she chose these clubs, she told me that “both clubs are linked to my future career field and have provided me with many networking opportunities thus far. I also enjoy the friends I have made in both clubs. It makes college so much more exciting!” Ally pushes herself academically as well as physically, being a member of the Women’s Volleyball Team along with working out and weight lifting when she finds free time. And like most FMM gals, she loves to shop (& I’ve seen this girl in action. She can really do some damage)!


Ally is also very involved in social media! She created and maintains two very popular Instagram accounts, a fashion and food account (theallycatwalk & theallycatchow). When I asked her why she started the fashion accounts, Ally told me “I initially started with the fashion account because I always looked up to other Instagram bloggers. I get so much inspiration from social media. It’s also a fun way for me to document my looks! Fashion should be documented, like other forms of art!” For the food account, she said “with being an athlete and loving to work out, diet is a crucial part of performing your best. I have always loved to cook and once I really took an interest and started to create interesting meals, it was only natural for me to Instagram it!  I like to make healthy meals and things not so healthy, like waffles and pancakes, healthier by adding more protein and reducing carbs and fat. With both accounts, I really want to inspire someone’s outfit or have them create a meal. Social media has had a very positive impact on my life and I want to spread that to my followers.”


  Finally, I asked Ally if she had any words of wisdom for future fashionistas. After some thought, she told me that “your fashion should make you feel confident. My fashion is a way for me to feel confident even on the worst of days. No matter what, if I have a killer outfit on, I feel ready to take on the day!”

               Make sure to check out Ally’s fashion account the theallycatwalk to check out her latest purchase, a camo dress with a pink embroidered pocket from Zara, and her food account theallycatchow for her latest tasty dish.