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Acts of Kindness You Can Do For Your Friends 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.
  1. Texting them you love them
    • Honestly, sometimes all we need is a simple text that says that someone loves us. It is the simplest phrase that can hold so much meaning to the ones that we love.
  2. Venmo $5 to treat themselves to a coffee
    • It really can just be the littlest things sometimes that make our whole day. A coffee is a small, yet meaningful way to show someone that you’re thinking of them 
  3. Giving them a hug 
    • After a rough day, it can be so comforting to be engulfed in a hug from one of your friends. A simple act can go so far for someone who may be having a rough day. 
  4. Sending them a handwritten note
    • We’re in the digital age, so it can feel that much more meaningful to write someone a sweet little letter expressing words of encouragement and love. 
  5. Asking about their day
    • Sometimes after a rough day, all we want is to be heard. Having a friend who goes out of their way to check in and see how things are going can mean so much.
Jennifer Arden

Jefferson '25

Jenn is a second-year student in the Health Sciences: Pre-Nursing Program at Jefferson. She loves spending time with her friends and family, making Spotify playlists, and working towards her goals. Her passions include music, self-care, and self-love!