21st Birthday Ideas for the Non-Partier

For a lot of people, turning 21 means going to bars with your friends and getting blackout drunk or throwing a party with every kind of booze imaginable. But what if you’re not the partying type? How can an introvert who has no interest in alcohol celebrate their birthday? If this sounds like you, I have a few suggestions:

1. Roadtrip!

Grab a few friends and pick a destination to drive to. It can be a couple hours from home or 18 hours away. Be sure to plan ahead for pit stops and make sure your car is good to go before leaving. Pack lots of snacks, good music, and a camera!

2. Concert

If you live close to a city, there’s always great live music to be heard. If you have a Spring or Summer birthday, try to see if there are any outdoor concerts coming up near you. Bring a blanket and some food, and you and your friends can have your own version of Coachella.

3. Quiet Night In

Maybe you don’t even want to go out at all. You can have a great birthday without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Draw yourself a bath, light some candles and relax with a good book. After you’re done, invite some friends over and put on your favorite movie to end the night.

4. Walk Around the City

I have spent my last three birthdays roaming around Philadelphia. There is always something to do there, especially in the springtime. Between South Street and Center City shopping, Rittenhouse Square and Main Street, you can’t go wrong. Hop on a bus and go wherever you want!

5. Get Crafty

If you’re not great at crafting, I highly recommend Painting with a Twist. It’s a step-by-step painting class that’s super easy to follow. Plus, it is an amazing way to bond with your friends, and you get a great piece of art, too! If painting isn’t your thing, there are so many classes and activities you can do. Whether it’s learning how to knit, taking a sewing class, or even just looking up fun things to do on Pinterest, you can’t go wrong with crafting.