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2024 Online Shopping Guide for Graduation Dresses 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that the selection of graduation dresses this year has been awful! Graduates are finding things they like but they’re either priced absurdly high or sold out. Here is a list of some of my favorite online dress shops that I’ve ordered from!


This store has a great selection of not only dresses but also shoes. Everything is priced pretty fair. The quality here is great for the price point. The shoes are really good quality for their price point and they always have great styles. 

Hello Molly

I got a really nice dress from here that was a little more formal. They do have less formal options but the quality of their formalwear especially for the price point was perfect for me. Their sizing is spot on, I didn’t need to get any alterations from the sizes they listed on their website. 

Princess Polly

This store is very similar to Hello Molly regarding quality and pricing. I think Princess Polly had more informal options that I was attracted to than formal ones. 


I recently found this website while dress shopping for myself and find their designs incredibly unique! I was also genuinely surprised by their pricing since they are incredibly affordable for their quality. Their selection is a lot smaller than the previously mentioned websites but I feel if you like their style you may find a hidden gem. Their shoe selection is incredibly small and I don’t know the quality of it. 

Good luck out there gals and happy graduation! 

Mari Adamson

Jefferson '24

Mari is a 4th year at Jefferson University, majoring in health sciences and enrolled in the Pre-Physician's Assistant Program with a minor in Law. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and finding new places to eat. She also has a passion for photography and self-care!