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Women’s Lacrosse Captains

Women’s lacrosse was first announced as a varsity sport in 2012. However, it was not until this season that they have competed under that title. On February 28th, (after rescheduling multiple times to inclement weather!) John Carroll’s women’s lacrosse team made their debut as an OAC Division III team.  They succeeded in winning their inaugural game against Houghton College, 20-10.

In honor of their very first season as a varsity sport, the women’s lacrosse junior and senior captains agreed to allow us to spotlight them!

Name: Moira Kelley

Major: History and Political Science

Hometown: Westlake, Ohio

Campus involvement: “We the People”, Lacrosse, Students Empowering Women, Take Back the Night, Campus Ministry, Immersion (El Salvador)

Name: Ivy Page

Major: Marketing and Logistics

Hometown: Amherst, NY (Buffalo)

Campus involvement: Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, Marketing Chair, and Women’s lacrosse

Name: Kaley LaForce

Major: Marketing

Hometown: East Aurora, NY (Buffalo)

Campus Involvement: Students Empowering Women, SAAC, Women’s Lacrosse

What are your personal goals on the field?

Moira: As a mid-fielder, I want to support the other mid-fielders to always re-defend hard so that I don’t cause my other teammates to have to work harder than they already do.

Ivy: Would like to have a 75% shooting percentage

Kaley: Would like to lead the team in ground balls and caused turnovers.

What are your team goals for this season?

Moira: Being the first ever, first year program to make it to the NCAA tournament.

Ivy: Be the first, first year program to make it to the NCAA tournament

Kaley: Be the first ever first year program to qualify for the NCAA tournament and have fun!

How long have you played lacrosse?

Moira: 5 years including one semester abroad in England

Ivy: 9 years

Kaley: 6 years

How would you describe lacrosse to someone who’s never seen it played?

Moira: It is similar to soccer in that the positioning on the field is similar.  Players try to score a goal by passing around a ball with a stick that has a net on the top.  It’s the best sport ever and so much fun!

Ivy: A fast paced game played with 12 players on the field and the goal is to transition the ball across the field by passing with sticks and using quick footwork to get past your opponents while cradling the ball.

Kaley: The game is very fast paced and intense. It requires a lot of composure and finesse with less body contact. It is similar to soccer but with sticks and the ball moves through the air.

How can the student body better support our female athletes?

Moira: The student body can better support our female athletes by not comparing women’s sports to the men’s sports.  Many times people think that women’s lacrosse isn’t as good as men’s lacrosse because there is a lot less contact and there are a bunch of differences.  It would help if people accepted the fact that although they are different sports they are just as intense and difficult to play and we should support all athletes not just men and women’s teams specifically.

Ivy: To come and support the women’s games as much as they do the men because we work just as hard!

Kaley: More presence at the games would be awesome! Female athletes work just as hard as the male athletes on campus and would love the support of the student body!


Don’t forget to go out and support our student athletes! GO BLUE STREAKS!


Check out the Women’s Lacrosse Spring 2015 Schedule so you can show your support at their next game!


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