This Week at JCU: Take Back the Night


Did you know 1 in 3 women worldwide experience some form of sexual violence or intimate partner violence? How about that 1 in 6 men experience sexualviolence?

In the United States, April is Sexual Assualt Awareness Month. As you are probably aware, sexual assault is a major problem on college campuses. In fact, one in five college aged females will be sexually assaulted, yet 80% of these assaults go unreported. Each day this week, events will be hosted on campus to raise awareness and encourage everyone—men and women—to stand together to end the violence and take back the night. If you're curious about policies concerning this issue at JCU, we highly encourage you to attend the events and learn more.

Take Back the Night is an international event and non-profit organization with the mission of ending sexual, relationship, and domestic violence in all forms. Each year, JCU participates in the effort to raise awareness and spread the word. Listed below are the activities being put on this year:


Tuesday, April 18: Tea Time and Title IX

  • 8-10 pm, Jardine Room

    • A brief video (Tea Consent) will played to kickstart the week with a conversation about consent. Students are welcome to join the conversation while painting mugs, eating cookies and drinking tea. Feminist Philosophy students here at JCU will lead small group discussions at the tables regarding new JCU policies on sexual assault, followed by a larger group discussion at the end. Any questions can be saved for the Title IX Coordinator that will be speaking at Wednesday’s event.

Wednesday, April 19: Boys Will Be Boys

  • 6-8 pm, Dolan 202/203

    • This event will begin with a discussion hosted by our Title IX coordinator that is focused on how JCU confronts instances of rape and sexual assault concerning our student body. After a Q&A, we will be hearing a presentation from the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center on the issue of hyper-masculinity in relation to sexual assault. The event will close with a discussion led by Tipton Woodard, a member from ROTC, and John Tucci from JCU's own football team.

Thursday, April 20: March and Speak Out

  • 6:30-9 pm, meet at Campus Ministry Foyer
    • ​​This is the night for the annual peaceful march that emphasizes awareness and support. This particular event is an opportunity for people to share their feelings and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. The march will take place around campus, and participation is not required.

Friday, April 21: Take a Stand and Dance

  • 7-11 pm, Dolan Atrium

    • This Four hour dance-a-thon is to support “Love Doesn’t Shove,” an organization that works to educate the community about the dynamics of healthy relationships, as a mean to end teen dating violence. You can join as an individual or as a team, and all proceeds will go directly to “Love Doesn’t Shove.” Food and prizes will be offered.