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Types of Girls in Your Freshman Year Dorm

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.

With flowers blooming all over campus, the smell of spring in the air, and the dreaded tests of finals lurking just around the corner, my freshman year of college is coming to a close. While I am sad to leave my new friends and experiences behind, one thing I am not going to miss is living in a dorm. I am happy to report that the days of lofted beds, too-small closets crammed to max capacity, and community bathrooms are almost over (at least for a few months). As I reflect on my freshman year living arrangements, it’s interesting to think about the eclectic cast of characters that make up a floor of college girls.

Here are a few types of girls I lived with my freshman year, and I’m sure many other college students encountered in their dorms during their first year of school:

1. The girl who’s always working out

She’s ALWAYS donning work-out clothes, filling up her water bottle, en route to the gym, and generally making you feel lazy.

2. The girl who’s never there

You see her name on the door, you’ve talked to her roommate, and you’ve stalked her on insta but… does she really exist?

3. The girl who’s always on the phone

Who does she talk to for hours and hours every single day?

4. The girl who’s always studying in the lounge.

When you wake up she’s there. When you go to bed she’s there. How much homework does this poor girl have?!

5. The girl who’s always blasting music

It’s all fun and games until you’re cramming for a test and all you can focus on is how catchy that Harry Styles song is.

6. The girl who’s always getting takeout food delivered

Watching her enjoy that saucy and delicious Jimmy John’s twice a week makes your grilled chicken from the caf somehow taste even worse.

7. The girl who always has random people over

Boys, girls, children, adults; the string of unrecognizable people coming in and out of her room is endless.

8. The party girl

She’s never missed a party but you’ve never actually seen her go to class. Or doing homework…?

9. The girl who ALWAYS stops to talk

Look, I really would love to hear how great your new moisturizer is working, but I’m about to be late for my 10am.

10. The R.A.

Last but not least, freshman year is not complete without the trusty R.A. to (at least try to) maintain order.