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Top Tips for a Long-Distance Friendship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.

If you thought long distance relationships were hard, try a long distance friendship. The summer after my freshman year of highschool, I moved exactly 526 miles away from my best friend, Camille, from Iowa to Ohio. Through the years, we have found what works for us and has helped us stay strong despite the distance. Hopefully what we do, can be applied to other long distance friendships, and help out as much as it has helped us! :)

  1. Stay Connected

The biggest thing that I can suggest is to find ways to connect despite the distance. Social media is an absolute Godsend in these situations. Camille and I follow each other on a variety of social media platforms. We constantly send each other links and cute gifs, or anything that we think the other will find interesting. It helps make up for not seeing her in person when I’m scrolling through my tumblr and see she’s sent an interesting text, post, or snap of something that made her smile that day.

2. Set up “Date Nights”

One of my favorite memories from this past semester is when Camille and I got all snuggled up in our individual beds, picked out a movie together, and called each other while we simultaneously pressed play. Throughout it, we were talking and giggling to each other just like if we were right next to each other. Especially during the school year, it can really difficult to plan out a few hours to spend with each other, but it is so important. Skype or Facetime while doing homework, cooking dinner, or anything to get that much needed face-to-face time. Good luck with getting strong connection in a dorm room though, may the wifi Gods be with you.

3. Make Your Own Traditions

It’s so nice to have little things to look forward to with a long distance friend. For example, every Christmas, Camille and I each make a box of presents with a long letter and mail them to each other. My favorite part of Christmas is opening our presents together. Without fail, we always hit the present marks for each other better than anyone else. It’s our special thing that always makes my heart warm and fuzzy when I think about it. Come up with something that is your “thing,” like inside jokes, a show that you watch together, or any little things that are special for the two of you.

4. Spill Your Feelings

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it can also tear your heart into a million tiny pieces. The best way I cope, is to grab my phone and let her know immediately how much I miss her. It takes away the sting of not being around each other, and it’s a reminder that I’m thinking of her. Typing out those little thoughts takes 20 seconds out of my day, but they mean a lot. I’ll often see something that makes me think of Camille and I immediately feel a rush of love and happiness. Send those positive vibes out and let them know, it’ll make your friend smile too.

5. Be Grateful

I always like to remember the Winnie the Pooh quote whenever I’m really feeling down, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Remember what a blessing it is to have a friend that you care about so much. One that you would make any sacrifice for and stick through it all. It’s all worth it when you finally reach the bottom of the countdown and get to see each other again.