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Spring is FINALLY here in Ohio (I mean, I hope. I took all my winter clothes home for Easter break. If we get another freak snowstorm I will sue both the state and mother nature). With the new warm weather and all these beautiful flowers popping up everywhere, I’ve got a permanent smile on my face and a new hop in my step. So, naturally, I want some music to match this newfound ecstatic mood. Listed below are the top 10 songs I am listening to at the moment that are helping push me through these last couple of weeks of classes before summer. I’m convinced that it is physically impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to these, hope you enjoy :)

  1. I’m Good by the Mowglis

  2. Castaway by Zack Brown Band

  3. After The Afterparty By Charlie XCX feat. Lil Yachty

  4. That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars

  5. Love Myself by Hailee Steinfield

  6. Price Tag by Jessie J.

  7. Blessings by Chance the Rapper

  8. You and I by Ingrid Michaelson

  9. I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times by Jamie XX

  10. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson