Top 10 JB Songs of All Time

Whether you’re a Justin Bieber fan or simply can’t stand the guy, you can't deny his talent, or that he’s released a couple of boppin’ tunes in years past. Sure, several of his phases were cringey, and he’s been looking like a trucker in recent months, but several of his radio hits were well-earned. Once you listen to the songs listed below, you just might consider yourself a Belieber.


1. “Been You.” This is my all-time favorite JB song. His vocals are prime, the beat is solid and the lyrics perfectly describe his break up with Selena Gomez.


2. “U Smile.” Perhaps the most overlooked track of Bieber’s My World 2.0 album, “U Smile” always tugs at my heartstrings.


3. “As Long as You Love Me.” This Believe track is always a jam. My roommates and I have this song on our “Car Jams” playlist. When Big Sean’s rap starts, we go OFF.


4. “Beauty and a Beat.” Yet another great car jam. Nicki Minaj’s featured rap is also top-notch.


5. “Somebody to Love.” I have fond memories of JB playing this song during his My World tour. In vividly remember him belting this track as he scoured the audience, searching for a girl to call on stage. (Hint: it wasn’t me.)  


6. “Confident.” While “Confident” is on one of his lesser-known albums, it has an official music video and even features Chance the Rapper. I’m still confused as to how it didn’t become a radio hit, if I’m being honest.


7. “No Sense.” This Purpose track features Travis Scott and describes the tragic “Jelena” break up yet again. There must be something about heartache that really resonates with Bieber fans.


8. “Never Say Never.” Featured in “The Karate Kid” remake, “Never Say Never” is a stand-alone hit that’s been relevant for years.


9. “Mistletoe.” You can’t forget about JB’s Christmas Album! “Mistletoe” is easily my favorite holiday song of all-time.


10. “Little Drummer Boy.” Bieber takes this Christmas classic to a whole other level. Featuring Busta Rhymes and an original JB rap, this rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy” isn’t what you’d typically expect.