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The sudden end to our collegiate life has taken its toll. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Ohio, many of us have felt like everything is moving in slow motion. Here are 5 relatable GIFs that describe the latter half of the spring semester perfectly:


How you nostalgically look at in-person classes after realizing remote learning has been thrice as much work

Gif of John Crist holding a Chick-fil-a sauce saying: Excuse me, are you a Chick-fil-a sauce 'cause you're my first choice

When Admin tells students to return home and you understand that this means no more Cabbie, no more Thirsty Thursdays, and no more late-night Swenson’s. 

Monica Stressed

Boredom eating because you are stuck at home while self-isolating (Part 1)

Hungry Patrick

Boredom eating because you’re stuck at home while self-isolating (Part 2)

When it sinks in that this isn’t going to end anytime soon

Joey Friends Thinking

While the pandemic and everything that comes with it doesn’t seem to be winding down anytime soon, at least we have GIFs to comfort us. 

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