So What's The Sitch?

The Top Five Things You May Have Missed This Week:

Prisoner Swap:

Last weekend our President of ‘Merica traded prisoners with Iran. It came as part of our nuclear deal with them.  Part of this deal was that we loosened our economic sanctions with Iran, which we have been trying to do for it feels like forever. The trade involved five American prisoners being released from Iran in exchange for seven of Iranian prisoners. The seven prisoners were not being held for committing crimes of violence. Hopefully, this will create a new relationship these two nations and help us in the feature. This was a big step in fixing our past mistakes.  

Stocks, and Oil, and Money; Oh My!:

On January 20th oil prices around the country fell like crazy. Why? For once we have more oil than we need (which means more supply then demand). If you have ever taken Econ 101, you know that this means the price for the product will fall. Really good for those who were filling up their tanks; not so good for the stock market. They started the day off as a hot mess, but finished the day strong coming out with only a few bruises.  If one was smart they would buy oil stock now while the prices are down (hint, hint).

Jonas the Snowstorm:

This past weekend a snowstorm named Jonas hit the east coast with a vengeance. Yes, apparently snowstorms, like hurricanes, have names. Who knew? The West Virginia area was under 22 feet of snow. This much snow was not expected and, as a result, the response teams were not prepared.  Currently, there has been a reported 30 deaths because of Jonas. Highways were closed and people trapped for 20+ hours in a complete stand still. Some of our very own JCU students who were attending March For Life were trapped for 22.5 hours on buses with very little food and only one bathroom on the bus. (Yes, Ew.) But they made the best of a sticky situation and had snowball fight, waved to passing cars, and even had Mass on the side of the highway. Because what else do you do in a snowstorm? Eventually, they were sick of not moving and they dug their bus out with their hands and signs they had from the March for Life. We are glad they all came home safely to us.

Putin Strikes Again:

Last week a Judge found two men to be guilty of poisoning Alexander Litvinenko, a KGP spy, with the approval of Putin (Russia’s President). Litvinenko had previously accused Putin of crimes and supposedly been giving information to the UK about Putin’s doings. This comes as no surprise because the UK and Putin have never been on very good terms. Litvinenko was poisoned ten years ago with radioactive polonium in his tea. Why has it taken this long to convict? Who knows?! Of course Putin is saying he had nothing to do with this and he can’t be blamed. In fact, he is insulted that the UK would think he would do such a thing. We will have to wait and see if there is any further investigation on the Putin VS. the Queen situation.

Zika Virus (Run for Your Life!!):

Ok, so just kidding you probably don’t need to run for your life, but there is a new virus that is spreading. The Zika virus can cause fevers, rashes, and, in some cases, pink eye, and is being spread by mosquitos. So far, it has affected over 20 countries. Brazil has had thousands of cases which has caused them to have over 200,000 troops who have gone home to home warning people about this illness. The really scary part of this virus isn’t the fevers or rashes, but when a pregnant woman is affected the child she is carrying will most likely have birth defects. (So if you are pregnant invest in some serious bug spray.) There have not been many cases in America, but recently a few cases have popped up in Arkansas. Hopefully, it will stay too cold outside for the mosquitos to stay alive and spread the virus.