Snapshot: Happy Dog

On the first Wednesday of every month, a special gathering of a myriad people pack into the dimly lit Happy Dog tavern. Happy Dog’s “Keep Talking” storytelling event is open to anyone who loves to hear a good story or has a good story to tell. There are only three stipulations to apply to take the stage as a story teller: 1) Your story must be absolutely true, 2) Your story must be your own, and 3) Your story must match that month’s storytelling theme. Themes can range from School to Romance to Medical to Party or to just about any relatable topic you can think of. Somewhat cramped but cozy, the tavern transports its patrons into the lives of the story tellers and a sense of community in the shared human experience arises from the gathering. No matter your age, walk of life, or interests, everyone feels at home at “Keep Talking” in Happy Dog. According to the event runners of “Keep Talking”: “Everyone has a story to tell.”