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On Monday morning, Prince William and Princess Kate welcomed their third child into the royal family. A happy and healthy boy to be exact, but they have yet to announce his name.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Both Kate and William were present for his birth.

  • The Duke of Cambridge was also present for his birth… Interesting, right?

  • Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte have met their younger brother.

  • The baby weighs 8lbs and 7oz.

  • Both mother and child are happy and healthy.


Unfortunately for the new royal baby, he is now fifth in line for the throne, trailing behind his father, mother and two older siblings. That being said, he is still ahead of Prince Harry, who is now sixth in line for the throne. It’s one thing to lose the crown to your older brother, but to an infant? That’s just wrong.


We’re still waiting to hear what Kate and William named the royal baby, but with Kate’s impeccable taste, I’m sure they did right by their newborn son. And if his name happens to be outrageous, he’s literally a prince… That should make up for everything!


With Prince Harry’s wedding coming up next month, Kate and William’s newborn son arrived just in time to attend.


What a time to be royal!

JCU Campus Correspondent
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