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When “Riverdale” first premiered in 2016, it had the makings of an average teen show: mystery, angst and a love triangle. After a sub-par first season, “Riverdale” has really stepped up its game, as murder accusations have come about and mysterious figures have appeared, darkening the show’s storyline and keeping viewers on edge.

In the first episode of Season 3, Archie Andrews (the main protagonist) is sentenced to two years in juvenile detention. However, the charges against him are completely false, as he was framed for murder by Hiram Lodge, his girlfriend’s father. Although there isn’t the slightest bit of evidence supporting his claims, no one seems to question Hiram’s intentions, or his hidden agenda as they newly elected mayor of Riverdale. Nonetheless, Archie must suffer in juvy while his friends conspire to free him, which may take longer than expected.

As stated before, mysterious figures have been incorporated into “Riverdale’s” storyline in recent seasons. In Season 2, the “Black Hood” went on a killing spree, claiming the lives of countless civilians. This season, we have the “Gargoyle King,” a monster that’s (apparently) plagued Riverdale since the 1990s, though we’re just hearing about him now.

In last week’s episode, viewers saw “Riverdale” in retrospect, as they experienced what Riverdale High was like 20 years ago. Apparently the “Gargoyle King” was just as popular and dangerous back then, encouraging teens to play the life-threatening game of “Gryphons and Gargoyles.”

The show has yet to reveal what “Gryphons and Gargoyles” fully entails, thought it’s pretty clear that the game is dangerous. In fact, there have been several instances already where teenagers are coaxed into murder or have taken their own lives due to its instructions.

Before we find out anything else about “Gryphons and Gargoyles,” however, Archie should find his way out of Juvy. After all, crime can’t truly be solved with Riverdale’s local hero behind bars.

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