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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.

Name: Cory Beam

Year: Freshman

Major/Minor: International Business Major (as of right now), minors in Italian Studies and History

Dream Job: To be President of the United States or to build cars for a living (very different I know)


Why did you choose your major/minors, what do you like about them, what interests you about them, etc.?

My major and minor combination really allows me to learn about the world in a lot of different ways. Understanding history and another country’s culture through my minors is a great way to understand global cultures and the world as a whole from a liberal arts perspective, and then studying International Business allows me to apply this global thinking to what really interests me, which is business and the economy.



You seem to be everywhere on campus. What activities and clubs are you involved in around campus? Which is your favorite? Which takes up the most time/challenges you the most/provides the most opportunity for growth?

I am the President of my class, a Leadership Scholar, a Boler School of Business ambassador, President of the Italian club, a DJ on John Carroll’s radio station WJCU, and a member of the Student Organization Budget Board. My favorite right now would have to be being President of my class, and it is certainly the most challenging and time consuming as well. I really take the title seriously (even though in all honesty I don’t have that much more responsibility than a regular Senator), so I try to make sure I am conducting myself in a way that represents my whole class in a positive light. As far as growth is concerned, I really have become better at listening to my colleagues and others around me, and have found that knowing when to not say anything is often a critical aspect of sound leadership. Being a DJ on the radio station has also been a cool opportunity that I have a lot of fun with. It has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m studying, but I really enjoy being able to connect with my audience and play music I enjoy.



Do you have any tips for time management or staying motivated during busy/stressful times during the semester?

My biggest motivation is a very self centered one, but effective nonetheless. I want to be the absolute best in everything I do. Since I hope to someday get into a premier law school, I want my resume to not only have a lot of great positions on it, but more importantly I want to have more experiences being in leadership positions and examples of successful teamwork than anyone else who might be applying to similar law schools, in order to set myself apart. I also take my grades personally. The way I see it, tests and assignments given by the professor is an attempt on their part to beat me, and I refuse to be beaten, so I work my tail off to get the best grades that I can. I view it as a competition between professor and student (this may sound crazy but if you view a good grade as defeating your professor, you’d be surprised at how hard you would be willing to work to achieve that). As far as time management goes, keeping a handwritten and digital calendar (Google calendar is my weapon of choice) is the best way I have found to stay organized and on schedule. Once you record your schedule in both places, try your hardest to stick to it and remain effective.



Tell me about the new Italian Club here on campus that you’ve helped implement. What inspired you to start a club? Were there any challenges? What are some goals that you have in mind for the future of Italian Club? How can people get involved?

The Italian Club was an idea I had a few months ago after I saw that there was a link on John Carroll’s website for an Italian club, but it had not been updated in several years. I just thought it would be fun to have a club where we could kind of do whatever we wanted and create our own fun. With the Italian Club, we can do that and also teach people about the incredible culture of Italy and the Italian people. Our first meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 24. The biggest challenge so far has been getting people interested and willing to show up. My goal for the Italian club is to be 100% member driven. If folks in the club want to have a movie night, we can watch a popular Italian film with English subtitles and have a fun evening or we can all go out for dinner in little Italy if that’s what people decide.

  • My 4 main goals for the club are to
    • 1. Plan and execute quality events where people can enjoy themselves and the company of other club members while learning a little bit about Italy in the process.
    • 2. Increase interest and overall size of the Italian Club, the more people the better it will be!
    • 3. Grow interest in Italian classes and programs here at John Carroll.
    • 4. Be the central authority for Italian culture on John Carroll’s campus. If folks want to get involved, they can feel free to email me at cbeam20@jcu.edu. Everyone is welcome at the Italian Club and no knowledge of Italian language is required or necessary.


What are some words of wisdom you would like to give to incoming freshman in the fall? What are some of the top lessons you have learned in your time so far at Carroll?

My biggest advice to freshman is to find some stuff you like doing and work your tail off at doing it. There is no substitute for hard work, period. Also, find what you think is fun, not what you think you should be doing as a college student. Know yourself, work hard, and enjoy college as much as possible. Another line of advice I would give incoming students is to think freely. Don’t let someone else tell you how to think or act, as long as you aren’t being detrimental to anyone else, think and act as you please. You are adults now, so enjoy it.