Productive Tasks to Do Over Winter Break

Ah, winter break is approaching. The long stretch of time where we don’t have to worry about completing loads of homework (unless you are studying abroad or taking classes or working a ton). Let’s just assume that we all have a pretty large break filled with lots of free time. Pull out those planners, everyone! Let’s set some dates and brainstorm together to make the magic happen: organizing our lives! 

Cleaning out your closet! 

Let’s face it, some of us have organized closets, while others really struggle with keeping up a stress-free space for our clothing items. If you are struggling, I am right there with ya. When life gets hard, the sight of my closet is not too appealing. Dedicating a chunk of your day to clean out your closet or even de-cluttering a desk drawer is a great way to create a stress-free space! 

Job and internship searching

Grab a cup of tea, put your feet up, and grab those tablets or laptops! This is an amazing time to sit back, relax with some music, and browse LinkedIn for job and internship searches! You’ll have time to search for jobs that fit your interests or you may prefer options that go out of your comfort zone. Instead of quickly job searching when you have loads of homework to complete, block out a time over break to take a look around! Looking for a job or internship for the summer? You’ll have an early start!

Working out

Have you ever wanted to try a self-defense class with your sibling or best friend? Love Friday night yoga dates? Love running at the gym? Try something new this holiday break! Pilates, here I come! 

Preparing for next semester

First, I make sure that I clean out my backpack as soon as I walk through the door at home. My next task is purchasing a planner and organizing binders for next semester. Writing down goals and typing out a class schedule can also be helpful to prepare for the upcoming term! 

Ordering Textbooks 

 Do you find yourself waiting until the last minute to order your required textbooks? Even if you     want to wait to contact the professor(s) and double check if you definitely need the book(s),     take a look around for the best deals online and in stores! 


Are there any immersion trips offered through your school or youth group? Is there a food pantry or animal shelter nearby? There are a vast amount of volunteer options all around the world that create experiences that you will cherish forever. Some of my by far favorite memories are from volunteering as a crew leader at vacation bible school.


Day trip to NYC? Road tripping to see your college friends? Just make sure to stay safe: the roads can be icy! 

And most importantly, make it fun! Play some music or movies while you clean and decorate for the holidays. Call up your best friend, cousin, boyfriend, or parents and ask them to help you clean out your closet! I know that I will need someone to pry clothes out of my hand that I desperately need to part from. I cannot wait to spend break with friends and family and to have some productive downtime to organize my life!