Prince Harry is Officially a Husband-to-Be!

On Nov. 27, Prince Harry’s engagement to American actress Meghan Markle was finally made official! Finally, some excitement in the royal family after Prince William’s exuberant wedding in 2011. Seventh grade me is bursting with excitement!

To me, Harry has always been living in the shadow of his older brother, so I am beyond thrilled that he’s finally in the spotlight! Not to mention, I find his future wife to be exceptionally beautiful and talented. Honestly, an actress and a handsome prince have the makings of a perfect royal couple - even if she is American-born!

As if moving away from her home country wasn’t enough, Markle must be baptized in the Church of England to officially become a British citizen, though it hasn’t been made clear whether or not she will renounce her American citizenship. However, I’m sure the hassle will be totally worth it, especially after she’s dubbed a real-life princess.

Markle will be the first socialite to marry into the royal family since Wallis Simpson in 1936, who was eventually abdicated after she triggered a constitutional crises… Yikes! That being said, I have high hopes for Markle, especially after her performance in “Suits”.


In all, I’m glad Harry finally decided to settle down and tie the knot. While I do wish him genuine happiness and fulfillment in his marriage to Markle, I sincerely hope that Harry’s royal wedding is just as elegant and monumental as that of his brother’s!