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“The Office” vs. “Parks and Recreation” – How Can We Choose?

More often than not, people claim that you can’t be a fan of both “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” Well, non-believers, I’m here to prove you wrong, as I find humor in both shows, and have come to love each of their characters. Listed below are six reasons why you can’t choose between “The Office” or “P&R” – it’s nearly impossible.

1. Both shows have stellar casts. Steve Carrell, Chris Pratt and Amy Poehler. Three comedic icons. How could I choose between the hysterical Michael Scott and my beloved Andy Dwyer? I just can’t!

2. You can’t compare the humor. “P&R” is more “in your face” funny, while The Office’s humor is a bit more obscure.

3. Each show has at least one relatable character. Jim and Pam for “The Office”, and Anne for “P&R”. As much as I’d like to resemble Michael or Andy, they’re a bit too “out there” to be anything like me.

4. Both shows have an adorable romance. Jim and Pam (again) for “The Office”, and Andy and April for “P&R”. I literally can’t decide which relationship is cuter.

5. You can’t compare the characters. While each show has a relatable character, the remaining cast members are extremely diverse and, to me at least, incomparable.

6. Both shows are pure genius. Who could’ve known that documentary-style comedies would be such a hit?

JCU Campus Correspondent
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