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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.

Last week Netflix released a highly anticipated film that’s candidly named “Marriage Story.” The two hours and 16-minute drama was written and directed by Noah Baumbach. “Marriage Story” thrusts viewers into the relationship between Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson). The very attractive couple resides in a suspiciously quaint Brooklyn apartment with their young son Henry (Azhy Robertson). Charlie is a career-driven writer and director for a small theater company in New York where Nicole is a star actor. It is interesting to note that both Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson were both theater performers before they “made it” in Hollywood. 

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The film stars off on a very positive note, Charlie and Nicole are describing each other through a series of quirky shots. We later find out that the descriptions are reasons why they love each other- an assignment from their divorce mediator. Charlie, from Nicole’s perspective, is somewhat controlling and ignores her wishes like living in California. Nicole feels like she lost herself within the marriage and succumbs to the role of mother and wife. Prior to her marriage, Nicole was a well-known actor in Los Angeles who exchanged her television career in order to do theater on the east coast. Baumbach does an excellent job portraying how the couple drifted apart, but not necessarily in an irreparable way. There is really not much else to explain about the film besides the fact that it shows a *real life* depiction of divorce; its weird, messy, and extremely painful. 

I truly couldn’t believe how sad I felt after finishing it. I’m not really someone who cries during movies or TV shows, so I was surprised to find myself sobbing halfway through. “Marriage Story” was sad in a way that’s different from “ET” and “Second Hand Lions” which are the only other movies I have cried at. Most divorces I have personally seen were ugly and long overdue. Divorce brings the worst out of people. Moreover, the divorces I’ve seen were absolutely necessary and “good” for everyone without question. After hate festers for so long, and there are no feelings left, it’s easier to walk away from a person. Charlie and Nicole in “Marriage Story” still loved each other even though they were moving in different directions and made mistakes. Even after an affair and cruel words, I still found myself rooting for the couple. 

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Would it be too dramatic to say that “Marriage Story” made me never want to get married? The amount of pain and sadness that accompanies divorce seems overbearing. As a passive person, I could see my own “divorce” playing out this way- more sad than angry, more damaged than damaging. I think that it hit home for a lot of people who aren’t complete monsters but frequently make mistakes (humans). If you need a tearjerker that will make you question love and the meaning of life then add “Marriage Story” on your List.