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Netflix Couples That Will Make You Believe in Love

I know we all make jokes about spending all of our precious free time on Netflix, but the fact of the matter is that I’m not joking.  Some of my friends tell me, “Bri, you watch too much television”, and I say, “Yeah, that’s probably true.”  I love TV, and I am not ashamed.  I would shout it from the rooftops if I could take myself away from my computer, but I’m in the middle of re-watching “The Office,” so I just can’t spare the time.  And see, I love TV because you get to watch these characters grow and change and experience all sorts of personal, romantic, and professional dilemmas in a realistic manner because it’s not going to be finalized in just an hour and a half.  You get several seasons! 

So, as someone who recently ended a lengthy relationship, I have found myself nuzzled into the arms of a new lover.  Netflix is my rebound, and I want to share all the love it’s shared with me, in the form of its adorable couples. 


Shawn and Jules – Psych

USA did Shawn and Juliet so right.  Not only is there this steady build to their friendship and relationship, but none of it is forced or ever the main plot-line of the episodes.  With Shawn being the ridiculous goof that he is, Jules provides the much needed mellowing out to compliment him perfectly.  Also the build, and the chemistry, and the close talking, and the sexual tension, and the banter, and well, everything is seamless.  It probably helps that these two are dating in real life, as well.  Come on son, it’s time to go get a car, Shawn Spencer, cause even if it wasn’t part of the plan, you’re in love.  You know that’s right.

Alternate couple to root for:  Henry and Hawaiian shirts


Jim and Pam – The Office (US)

Basically if it’s not painful, I don’t ship it.  And like any good television show, the writers of “The Office” dragged out these two until it hurt, with heart-wrenching moments fueled by Jim’s hopeless crush, which, coincidentally, is just about the sweetest thing on the television planet.  I think it’s something to do with his complete abandon in controlling those feelings; he just knows that it’s always been her.  The way he looks at her just a little bit too long, oh guh!  With a show based on trivial happenstances in the workplace, full of lovable morons, Jim and Pam add the touch of romantic charm that we all root for.

Alternate couple to root for: Michael and “That’s What She Said!”

(But Andy and Erin are also pretty cute).


Lily and Marshall – How I Met Your Mother

Yet another obvious choice, but yeah, like I’m not going to point out the couple that’s been together for fifteen years, COME ON!  While the show is focusing on new romance, I don’t think any of us can ignore the enduring adorableness of these two.  I mean, they call each other “Marshmallow” and “Lilypad.” I hate pet names, and I’m ‘aww’ing.  Not to mention the fact that they trust each other immensely, share just about every detail down to the most inconsequential and disgusting, and love each other without question.  These two encompass the love we all (and Ted) desire to find in life.  There’s just something sickeningly precious about their security in their soul mate status.  Plus, the episode where Marshall gets an entire band to greet Lily at the airport, reaffirming all their old traditions – just stick a fork in me, cause I’m done.

Alternate couple to root for: Barney and suits


Amy and Rory – Doctor Who

What can’t these two do?  Sure, they go through their rough patches, but I’m sure traveling through all of space and time makes anyone question their romantic life choices.  As does Matt Smith.  Despite the many challenges they’ve faced, they always choose each other.  Not only have they braved death, multiple times, for the other, but they are also the only couple I know of that’s waited 2,000 years for their love.  That’s what I call commitment.  Amy and Rory can and have done anything to save each other.  The entirety of the universe?  Pfft, no problem.  They always find a way back together, together or not at all, right?  Plus, something about their physicality is so endearing; the fact that she’s such a hottie and he’s a nerd with a large nose.  The Legs and the Nose: The Ponds.  All that waiting for The Girl Who Waited paid off in the end because she always found her Rory.

Alternate couple to root for: The Doctor and the Tardis

(Also Ten and Rose bring angsty romance to a new level).


Emily and Naomi – Skins

On a television show based on teen drama, the relationships are fast lived and relatively void of meaning, but Emily and Naomi push us to abandon our typical understanding of teenage love.  Yes, it takes them a while to work up the courage to get together, and yes they have their moments of emotionally harming the other, but with Naomi’s speech in the season four finale, all is forgiven and we understand that their bond is complicated, relatable, and genuine.  Also, they are like seventeen, so let’s cut them some slack.  Emily and Naomi’s relationship teaches us that fear is a strong block, but true love grants us true courage.  Now, we can all just pretend that season seven never happened.  IT DIDN’T HAPPEN, OKAY!?

Alternate couple to root for: Cook and his birthday cake


Walt and Money – Breaking Bad

The love between Walt and money conquers all and knows no bounds.  Seriously, this lowly man transforms into a total BAMF, overcomes cancer, and rises among the elites of the drug industry in his delightful pursuit of money.  Love, what can’t it do?  Also, that devotion!  The lengths he will go to ensure the security for his money, oh man, it’s heart warming.

Alternate couple to root for: Walt Jr. and breakfast (Breaking Fast). 


So, go forth and experience love the best way you possibly can – by avoiding all human interaction and gluing your eyes to a computer screen!  

Senior Criminology major at John Carroll University.  Lover of all things feline, musical, literary, and pomegrantes.  
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