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My Favorite Coffee Shops in the Midwest

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.

I didn’t start to like coffee until my senior year of high school out of necessity to stay awake and I still can’t drink a black coffee at all or even a cappuccino without at least 2 raw sugars. But I have definitely developed an addiction over the years. While in the US it definitely makes a dent in my bank account, I really miss my semester in Italy when I paid 2 Euros max for a cappuccino every day. In America, I pay between $4 and $6 for a small latte (usually with non-dairy milk).

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I’ve never been a huge Starbucks fan, but I’m not stingy; I have no problem going to Starbucks, but I’ve had much better and continue to go out of my way for a better latte. When I need a cheap iced coffee I’ll stop by Dunkin’, but again, it’s nothing to rave about.


This year I found 3 coffee shops (2 in Cleveland and 1 in Chicago) that I’ve really enjoyed. I’m originally from the NW suburbs of Chicago but go to school in NE Ohio.



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I got to stop by Philz for the first and only time so far over thanksgiving break. I’m still really not sure how to order there. All I know is I got a medium iced mocha and it slapped. Philz recently made its first appearance in the city this summer and currently has 3 locations. 


Unlucky for everyone outside of Northeast Ohio, the next two coffee shops can only be found there.


Erie Island

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I’m extremely bummed that there isn’t an Erie Island near me, I’d be going there every day. If you ever find yourself on the West side of Cleveland, I would highly recommend stopping inside or going through their drive-thru. My go-to drink at Erie Island is a hot soy latte.


Rising Star Coffee Roasters

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Lucky for Clevelanders, it’s much easier to find a Rising Star than an Erie Island. They recently opened up a location at 1975 Lee Rd in an old diner that I think is extremely cool. My go-to drink at Rising Star is a hot oat milk latte. 


If you are looking for new places to study during finals week, I highly recommend Rising Star and Erie Island.

I am a Senior Accountancy major at John Carroll University. I spent Fall 2017 studying abroad in Italy, inspiring me to also pursue a major in Italian Studies. I plan to pursue my Masters of Accountancy after graduating in December 2019.