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Upon graduation, many couples come to an important milestone in their relationship that can be challenging. Moving in with one another is a step that can is worrisome on multiple levels simply because it could go against religious or family beliefs. It also forces the couple to look at their relationship closely, deciding if a life under “one roof” is something they could handle. With this decision approaching couples faster than one may think, I have found it interesting to read various opinions on this topic, while also looking to relatives and other older adults for their stance. Ultimately, the decision is left up to the couple and if both parties are willing and able to move in together, I think that is a great decision rather than remaining apart until marriage. Before I jump into the reasons why I think moving in together is a wise decision, I must admit that I do not think this is something every couple must or should do. The decision of moving in together, should be for couples who are serious about one another and see marriage, or a lifetime commitment, possibly in the near future.


  1. Time Together: A healthy relationship involves time well spent. Couples enjoy spending time together, so instead of packing a “weekend bag” or traveling extra miles just to see that person for a few hours, just move in with them! The notion that living under the same roof means you will be stuck seeing that person all the time is false when you think of what goes into a typical day currently. Simply because you live with someone, doesn’t mean you do everything with them. I look at my life right now in college; I barely see my roommates, and for all intents and purposes we are on the same schedule. The craziness of jobs and further schooling could leave couples seeing their significant other far less than they would have imagined. That is even more reason as to why you should make spending time with each other as simple, and stress free as possible.

  1. Strengthening your relationship: It can be easily agreed upon that moving in with your significant other is a huge step in a relationship. It can challenge you to know yourself, and your significant other in a new way that is beneficial to the relationship. Although, I don’t agree that moving in together should be seen as a “trial marriage,” I do view living together as a next step in a relationship where couples have the opportunity to see what the other person is like. The potential of coming across a “make or break” situation in a relationship could occur because after all, having a house and sharing a living environment is huge, and do you really want to be with someone for the rest of your life who has bad “home habits?” It’s better to find these things out in advance.

  2. The FutureLiving together encourages couples to think about the future in a positive way. Moving in together should lead couples to commit to a long-term relationship, and if one party is hesitant above the move-in, questioning why could open light as to where the relationship stands. Instead of being terrified about the next chapter or worrying about what opportunities you’ll be presented next, you have someone to support and experience it with you. Getting home from a long day of work can easily be treated by immediate quality time on the couch instead of the “I’m on my way over” text. This doesn’t necessarily make you dependent on that person but, as you should know from being in that relationship, time with them should ease your mind. Looking forward to coming home after a long day makes those long, successful days all the more worth it.

  3. Finances: Finances are put last on the list of why you should live with your significant other because although having someone help you pay rent is important, it should not be the only reason you move in with someone you love! Moving in with someone and potentially starting a new chapter of your life together is a huge step, especially for finances because this is typically when the two incomes merge. This is scary! You’re young, you’re just getting used to making enough money to support yourself– why the heck would you want to share it? However, sharing income will eventually come up as the relationship progresses, and it will be beneficial now to discuss such an important part to a relationship.

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